To balance off my concentration on physical health during the past several years, and also the emotional losses of close family members as the years of our lives flow past, I am returning to the patterns I established while going through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way and others of her books, over the decades.

Having much less mobility, these days, due to a variety of factors, I am having to find substitutes for the Artist Dates and daily/weekly walks. My sensitivity to paper has lessened, and I now have a Morning Pages journal and a Day Book (thank you, Diane!) So far. the Day Book is not a habit, but I am remembering to jot down such mundanities as who called or came over, what my BP, PR and SpO2 readings are. Tentatively, I will be doing the Everyday Artist’s Way daily prompts and trying out Finding Water. With necessary adaptions.

A change of course, here. All of the posts prior to May 2017 are now private. I suspect that I am going to indulge more in challenges, other than the poetry challenges, which of course will remain at Quilted Poetry.

During November, I participated in a challenge: to write at least one poem each day. Those poems that I made public are now at The Written Word at Home  — I hope that you will find some that you enjoy.