Things have changed a lot since I wrote my last introduction to this blog. First, the WordPress “daily prompts” and weekly Photo challenges that I was counting on using as my theme have vanished, leaving me to return to … considering the current personal flow of my life. An excess of blogs, actually, since I have been doing almost the same thing at my Coffee Breaks blog. Thinking seriously of moving my most recent posts from there over to this blog, since it’s got a domain attached to it.

I have gotten back on track, this spring, and started exercising regularly, again. between the flu/colds and the tree/grass pollen, I was surprised to find that in the end there was less damage than I had anticipated. Evidently I am resilient.

Poetry is still at; miscellaneous prose, poetry and book recommendations at; and month-length writing challenges, essays, articles, and other boring stuff at Quietspaces/TheWrittenWord (dot) net.

So, not sure what else I am doing, other than having signed up for a six-week Photography Workshop beginning on Monday, September 10th. Your Inner Gift: Cultivating the Art of Simplicity in Photography, is being taught by Andy Ilachinski. Should be interesting.

While the Scampers are peaceful, I am going to try to get my Weekend Coffee Share article written.

Best wishes for your weekend!