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Still having problems with seasonal allergic reactions to nettles and dust, not helped at all by my pulling weeds in the wildflower garden, multiple days in the dry air. It seems as though this might be one of the factors raising my blood-glucose level…along with my not being able to exercise out in the gazebo due to the hot, the dust, and shortness of breath despite using the nebulizer (albuterol) three times within the past week.

My weight continues to inch down. Since December, I’ve gone from my weight’s being in the “obese” range to within 10 pounds of not being overweight for my height. My energy level and exercise currently vary in lock step with my allergic responses. Unfortunately, I have found that the side effects of the antihistamines are more troublesome than the allergic reactions (with the exception of the most acute exposures).

The touch screen has gone out on my primary computer, and I am finding that really do not function well without it. In the interim, I am using the Lenovo 2-in-1 310 Miix with Mom’s old keyboard; the 310’s keyboard is small/nonstandard, and with my eyesight not being good during allergy season(s), I depend on my touch typing skills.

Positives/Creating Order

L.E. Modesitt, Jr.’s new book, Assassin’s Price has been ordered in hardcover from Barnes & Noble, and I bought the .epub from ebooks.com on the release date. I have switched to that outlet from B&N for Modesitt’s books. They’ve got a nice online reader. I have read the eBook one and a half times, now, and the hardcover is to arrive by midweek. The gift card on file with B&N is holding up nicely; I have been doing lots of rereading, this summer. And as my eyesight will allow, I have been rereading books from the downstairs paperback library, making more decisions on what to keep and what to toss.

My blue wild flax plants are finally in flower, and I have gotten some nice pictures of them. The lighting in the new wildflower garden is not optimum for photographing the flowers. Also, they are crowded in that bed. I suspect also a lack of nutrition, being so close to the shrubs in both our yard and the back yard of the neighbor to the northwest of us.

Tuna steak is on sale at the local groceries, and my protein allotment per meal is 2 oz. of fish/meat/poultry or 2 eggs. A little fish goes a long way. I’ve been oven roasting it with Cajun seasoning, kosher salt and cracked peppercorns. I dare not feed it to the puppies!

Cutting back on some other monthly expenses, I have money to buy extra BG test strips to help me manage timing on meals and snacks and weed out the foods that raise BG levels more or more rapidly than I’d like. Testing only in the morning and evening does not do the job, and that’s all that the insurance covers.

My share of my parents’ insurance payout arrived in time for me to cover the added cost of wood siding for our backyard woodworking/hobby building. We have steered away from vinyl because of the toxic fumes from vinyl siding in case of fire (my breathing problems being the major factor), and the price differential had changed dramatically from when we did our original cost estimating. Al’s lifelong dream: to have a place for woodworking year around. I have no word on final settlement of their estate.

Nice things I did for myself:

I bought enough poster frames to hang all of the photo montages that the funeral home created for Mother’s and Father’s memorial gatherings and services. I don’t have a lot of room for hanging them on the walls, but I put them up one at a time and am rotating them.

I have been reading the letters that my sister has been transcribing from my parents’ correspondence albums, beginning from when they started dating, while he was stationed in Iowa (1941) ,through Dad’s being called up for the Korean War (1950). Both of my parents served in the Pacific theatre during WW II (Mom, in the Navy, in Hawaii, and Dad, in the Army in the Philippines). They were so much in love, and such romantics. I love too having photographs of them both from their childhoods on.


BP = 115/66 mmHg
P = 64 bpm
SpO2 = 97%
FBG = 135 mg/dL