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Temp. 96.7 °F
BP 102/67 mm Hg
Pulse 65 bpm

Entirely too late to bed! I had run out of meat, and so we stopped at the grocery store for chicken breast meat and also milk and fruit. But not yogurt, because that store does not carry the right brand of Greek yogurt. Got the chicken baked and frozen, except for Monday’s meals. Did put the two poems I wrote on Wednesday at The Written Word at Home Blog, and the second, I put also on Quilted Poetry.

Thinking much about my (late) parents as I read their letters to each other. (Ref. the two poems that I wrote, Wednesday night.) They were quite absorbed in each other; I think I’d never realized quite how much. I am not sure that we were always real to them. Odd, that. And Mom’s memory fading, casting Dad as a villain, that last month, must have been devastating, even knowing that she didn’t know who he was. I think she blocked out her memory of him, once he had moved out of the house and she knew that he was no longer waiting there for her to come home.

Hence the poems. I had no idea what was going on. I do not know how I would handle the process of losing my memories, no longer recognizing my center. It frightens me. The idea of being on either end of that. Dad handled it well. But we’d never been close, and so we were not enough. We weren’t Mom. And so they are together again.