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sleeping side by side, 1 year ago today

Sleeping Scampers (2017-01-09)

Poem written : “Awakening”

FBG = 118 mg/dL
breaking fast: 2g carbs (10g 90% dark chocolate)
5-minute meditation : SpO2 = 97%, PR = 57 bpm

The Scampers are still asleep in their kennels. No one else is awake, yet. Soft hum and light breeze from the air cleaner make for a nice white noise.

Recovering from the chest cold that began Christmas Eve, my FBG is showing signs of improvement. Finally. Eating beef liver to help with Vitamin D level. For second supper, last night, I enjoyed a cup of GF wild rice & chicken soup; added slices of andouille sausage.