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Dandelion (in the garden), 2018-05-25

Twisted: “This week, show us something that doesn’t maintain a straight line.”

Puppies in Waiting  (Not in the Garden), 2018-05-25

To date, none of my wildflowers are blooming, with the exception of a wild violet (I transplanted a flowering plant to the garden before the lawn was mowed) and dandelions, which are growing everywhere. The Scampers (above), who have planted themselves in front of the garden, are currently not “twisted”, since they got their haircuts on Tuesday past.

I enjoy the wildflower garden, which does not maintain a straight line. The usual subjects are emerging, some are on the verge of flowering, and other seeds that I planted have not yet (or will not) emerged. My favorites, of course, are the blue wild flax, but I also like the California poppies and cornflowers. Last year, there also were yellow goatsbeard flowers in the garden, but not in the tulip beds, where I’d otherwise found them.

Now that I am no longer baking, I am not harvesting the dandelions. I may reconsider that, though, now that I am leaving some of the dandelion plants to grow in the wildflower garden. I have not picked young dandelion leaves for my salads. Perhaps it matters that I am allergic to latex, although I do not avoid many of the foods that are on the cross-reaction list that I came across recently. I do avoid mint entirely, and I seldom eat bananas or avocados.

Dandelions and wild violets are the first wildflowers to appear in our yard, but the tulips emerge earlier. I already have seen a few wild bees and bumblebees, this year, in the dandelions. I am encouraged.

As mentioned elsewhere, I am quite sorry that the Daily Post at WordPress will no longer be providing prompts or classes (or, I understand, the Community Pool forum). The prompts and poetry-writing classes were the offerings that brought me to WordPress, more than anything else. I hope that WP’s bloggers will step in, in their various circles, with various community-oriented alternatives.