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No bottle flies, today, but photos of hoverflies and what I believe is a “sweat bee”. Others, I did not recognize.

The day was rainy and cold, but the first day without smoke in the air in a week or more. As the temperatures drop and the sun sets earlier, I am more often finding a bee or two curled up in a flower whose petals are partly closed or furled for the night.

Earlier, the grass still wet from hours of rain, I found hoverflies and sweat bees on tall wildflowers growing by and through the fence.


Last night, I did not take an antihistamine, and the air cleared during the night. I was awakened by thunder around 3:30 or so, but dropped back into sleep almost immediately. Most of the day, there was rain. I turned on the space heater in the gazebo and put in 7.5mi on the exercise bike.

After that, I alternated entertaining the Scampers and taking photographs. I put some also on my JPG Magazine page, which serves as an informal index for me, helping me figure out when I was photographing particular types of subjects.

This feels like a lazy sort of day, but it’s seemed to pass by quickly. Relaxed and happy.