Keeping Tally (Update 2)


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The original post was  made on 9 September 2017. Additions to the list of family deaths—over a span of about 410 days (1 year, 1 month, 2 weeks) were made on January 5th of this year.

I am sorry to add another name to the list, but aunt Norma died this morning, and the funeral is to take place early in the coming week. She celebrated her 100th birthday, 18 January, with a party given for her at her church on January 14. Al has one aunt still living, and so do I.


Awakening the Senses


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breakfast: steak fries, broccoli and pan-cooked salmon

Awakening to Breakfast

waking too early
to the familiar smells…
my favorite breakfast


WP Weekly Photograph Challenge: Awakening.

I downloaded pages from the New York Times “Cooking” section on how to cook new-to-me protein that would not run afoul of my low-carb/high protein diabetic diet guidelines: how to cook beef tenderloin and the various ways of preparing salmon fillets, including buying guidelines. Frequent sales on salmon at both of the groceries where we shop.

Lizl Bennefeld

Story in Photos: A Week of March Weather


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Day Before the Storm

shadow of branches on the new-fallen snow and puppy tracks

Before the Storm

Lightning, Thunder and Rain

raindrops spattered on the front-door window

Rain and Thunder

Stormy Day

After the Snow

Recuperation Time

After the Storm

Visual Storytelling: WP Daily Post Photography Prompt.