Morning After Rain: Blue Wild Flax


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Blue Wild Flax #0963

Blue Wild Flax #0959

For an hour or so after midnight, my husband and I sat in the gazebo, watching the lightning strikes on the background of glowing horizons and listening to torrential rains pounding on the wooden roof. Dashed back into the house during a brief lessening of rainfall, and then fell asleep to the sound of raindrops against the windows and the rustling of windblown leaves.

Some of the wildflowers survived to bloom, today.

Favorite Photos : Friends Forever


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two cocker spaniel puppies on their quilt in front of the piano

The Scampers, Afternoon at Home

Daily Post Photo Challenges: All-time Favorites

The Scampers, our two Cocker Spaniels, are my favorite photo subjects. They were born just before the Christmas of 2015. So much mischief…so much fun! I don’t know how I would get along without them.

Just so, the various Daily Post prompts, challenges, and forums. We are faced with the possibility of becoming individuals in competition, vying for attention, instead of a community centered on sharing and admiring “the other”. Sort of.

May we continue to cherish one another

resting together
not too close, not far away
sharing our quilts

Copyright © 2018-05-31, by Lizl Bennefeld.


Wind’s up



The day started out sunny and humid, but now clouds cover the sky thick enough to dim the light. While there was direct sunlight, I took a few photographs.

I understand that there is to be rain, later today. Perhaps, some storms.

The day began for me before 0700, as has become usual, and the Scampers awoke a bit after 0800, when we came outside, went in to eat, and returned to the back yard. Where we are, again. This time I brought my smaller laptop with me. I took only the FBG reading, this morning; 114 mg/dL is not bad. Even though the pollen count is down, my allergic reactions are worse. Different allergens, this past week or so. Ah, well!

For breakfast, I had freshly made Toddy coffee made with whole milk and 1g of very dark chocolate, making 15g carbs and 200 calories. Yesterday I put in 5.5 miles on the exercise bike in the gazebo. Most of that was after dark, when the temperature was lower.

My objective, today, is to write two letters. One, I need to send via USPS, but the other goes email.

I got another couple of chapters read in New York to Nome, yesterday, and I’m now back to rereading Hellspark by Janet Kagan.



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I have been awake since 6:30 this morning, and I am still putting off getting out of bed to wake and feed the dogs. I enjoy the quiet, alone time.

Fasting blood glucose level is 114 mg/dL, which is good. My allergy symptoms are…going wild, which is not good. My SpO2 (blood oxygen) is at 89% (the lowest one would want it to be), and my pulse rate is 59 bpm (one would have hoped for a tiny bit higher, perhaps?)

I have drawn “elemental blessings” (a la Sharon Shinn) for the new week. (All blessings are good; however, it may be helpful to consider specific blessings upon occasion and how they might apply or be applied in daily life.)

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Kindness

time alone . . . silence
the world outside the window—
morning’s mystery

Copyright © by Elizabeth Bennefeld, 2018-05-28.