I’m enrolled in a six-week photography workshop beginning 10 September (and ending on October 21). I may not post a lot until it’s finished up.

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Elizabeth (Lizl)

My equivalent of colored pencils


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A bit of recreation before I try to get back to sleep. This week involves going through archives. I still have all fifteen years, less what’s been culled along the way. The six-week workshop, led by Andy Ilachinski, comes to an end, this week.

It has been marvelous, thinking about photography from within rather than objectively. Or perhaps…letting it happen. Good workshop, limited enrollment, excellent experience.

A few minutes in the life…


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Yesterday evening…

Sunday’s Insects


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No bottle flies, today, but photos of hoverflies and what I believe is a “sweat bee”. Others, I did not recognize.

The day was rainy and cold, but the first day without smoke in the air in a week or more. As the temperatures drop and the sun sets earlier, I am more often finding a bee or two curled up in a flower whose petals are partly closed or furled for the night.

Earlier, the grass still wet from hours of rain, I found hoverflies and sweat bees on tall wildflowers growing by and through the fence.


Last night, I did not take an antihistamine, and the air cleared during the night. I was awakened by thunder around 3:30 or so, but dropped back into sleep almost immediately. Most of the day, there was rain. I turned on the space heater in the gazebo and put in 7.5mi on the exercise bike.

After that, I alternated entertaining the Scampers and taking photographs. I put some also on my JPG Magazine page, which serves as an informal index for me, helping me figure out when I was photographing particular types of subjects.

This feels like a lazy sort of day, but it’s seemed to pass by quickly. Relaxed and happy.

Random findings around the back yard, this afternoon


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catching glimpses
of things that catch the eye
pixel bound

and bored Scampers in the hot sun:

We’re waiting for you, you know

The Scampers have thrown themselves at my feet and are now taking a nap in the coolness of the front room.

Aside from its being too hot out-of-doors, today, to exercise in the gazebo, all goes well.

This afternoon, I simply grabbed a camera and walked around the back yard for a few minutes to shoot whatever caught my eye.

O Hidden Drawer


Revisiting Writing 201: Poetry assignments from February 2015, which I posted on my The Moments Between blog at the time. “O Hidden Drawer” a favorite of mine.

The Moments Between

“O Hidden Drawer”

Secrets tucked away against tomorrows,
Life that’s not yet realized. Keeper of Mysteries,
You hold a cache of tokens that reflect
A different me, a stranger to close friends.

Three flash memory sticks that contain
Passwords for devices and accounts
I no longer own or which have sat in a closet,
Broken, for months or years or decades.

Keys are in the drawer. Relatives’ keys
To safe deposit boxes–I don’t know where–
Left to me for their safekeeping.
When they’re dead, I’ll throw away the keys.

Short-term hope! My husband bought
A raffle ticket for me, in case I should like
Another chance for him to win a prize
Without himself appearing spendthrifty.

And last: one extended bolt release, three thumb tacks,
And an old gift card with an expiration date
That makes it useful into the next decade,
Should I have to get out of town…

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After storms



feathers too few…cold
your dead bodies in my hands
wings broke, unused

no one can block the bitter
winds or stop the icy rain

Copyright © 2018-07-03, Lizl Bennefeld.

Too many years in a row, storms too many and too strong. Too many birds dead before they learn to fly. I love the birds, their songs and winks, their nods and whispers. There are fewer, now. I miss them.


Morning After Rain: Blue Wild Flax


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Blue Wild Flax #0963

Blue Wild Flax #0959

For an hour or so after midnight, my husband and I sat in the gazebo, watching the lightning strikes on the background of glowing horizons and listening to torrential rains pounding on the wooden roof. Dashed back into the house during a brief lessening of rainfall, and then fell asleep to the sound of raindrops against the windows and the rustling of windblown leaves.

Some of the wildflowers survived to bloom, today.

Favorite Photos : Friends Forever


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two cocker spaniel puppies on their quilt in front of the piano

The Scampers, Afternoon at Home

Daily Post Photo Challenges: All-time Favorites

The Scampers, our two Cocker Spaniels, are my favorite photo subjects. They were born just before the Christmas of 2015. So much mischief…so much fun! I don’t know how I would get along without them.

Just so, the various Daily Post prompts, challenges, and forums. We are faced with the possibility of becoming individuals in competition, vying for attention, instead of a community centered on sharing and admiring “the other”. Sort of.

May we continue to cherish one another

resting together
not too close, not far away
sharing our quilts

Copyright © 2018-05-31, by Lizl Bennefeld.


Wind’s up



The day started out sunny and humid, but now clouds cover the sky thick enough to dim the light. While there was direct sunlight, I took a few photographs.

I understand that there is to be rain, later today. Perhaps, some storms.

The day began for me before 0700, as has become usual, and the Scampers awoke a bit after 0800, when we came outside, went in to eat, and returned to the back yard. Where we are, again. This time I brought my smaller laptop with me. I took only the FBG reading, this morning; 114 mg/dL is not bad. Even though the pollen count is down, my allergic reactions are worse. Different allergens, this past week or so. Ah, well!

For breakfast, I had freshly made Toddy coffee made with whole milk and 1g of very dark chocolate, making 15g carbs and 200 calories. Yesterday I put in 5.5 miles on the exercise bike in the gazebo. Most of that was after dark, when the temperature was lower.

My objective, today, is to write two letters. One, I need to send via USPS, but the other goes email.

I got another couple of chapters read in New York to Nome, yesterday, and I’m now back to rereading Hellspark by Janet Kagan.



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I have been awake since 6:30 this morning, and I am still putting off getting out of bed to wake and feed the dogs. I enjoy the quiet, alone time.

Fasting blood glucose level is 114 mg/dL, which is good. My allergy symptoms are…going wild, which is not good. My SpO2 (blood oxygen) is at 89% (the lowest one would want it to be), and my pulse rate is 59 bpm (one would have hoped for a tiny bit higher, perhaps?)

I have drawn “elemental blessings” (a la Sharon Shinn) for the new week. (All blessings are good; however, it may be helpful to consider specific blessings upon occasion and how they might apply or be applied in daily life.)

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Kindness

time alone . . . silence
the world outside the window—
morning’s mystery

Copyright © by Elizabeth Bennefeld, 2018-05-28.


In the Wildflower Garden


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Dandelion (in the garden), 2018-05-25

Twisted: “This week, show us something that doesn’t maintain a straight line.”

Puppies in Waiting  (Not in the Garden), 2018-05-25

To date, none of my wildflowers are blooming, with the exception of a wild violet (I transplanted a flowering plant to the garden before the lawn was mowed) and dandelions, which are growing everywhere. The Scampers (above), who have planted themselves in front of the garden, are currently not “twisted”, since they got their haircuts on Tuesday past.

I enjoy the wildflower garden, which does not maintain a straight line. The usual subjects are emerging, some are on the verge of flowering, and other seeds that I planted have not yet (or will not) emerged. My favorites, of course, are the blue wild flax, but I also like the California poppies and cornflowers. Last year, there also were yellow goatsbeard flowers in the garden, but not in the tulip beds, where I’d otherwise found them.

Now that I am no longer baking, I am not harvesting the dandelions. I may reconsider that, though, now that I am leaving some of the dandelion plants to grow in the wildflower garden. I have not picked young dandelion leaves for my salads. Perhaps it matters that I am allergic to latex, although I do not avoid many of the foods that are on the cross-reaction list that I came across recently. I do avoid mint entirely, and I seldom eat bananas or avocados.

Dandelions and wild violets are the first wildflowers to appear in our yard, but the tulips emerge earlier. I already have seen a few wild bees and bumblebees, this year, in the dandelions. I am encouraged.

As mentioned elsewhere, I am quite sorry that the Daily Post at WordPress will no longer be providing prompts or classes (or, I understand, the Community Pool forum). The prompts and poetry-writing classes were the offerings that brought me to WordPress, more than anything else. I hope that WP’s bloggers will step in, in their various circles, with various community-oriented alternatives.



Weekly Photo Challenge: A Place in the World Where We Belong


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Thaddeus in the camp chair

Watching You Watching Me

A Place in the World: Weekly Photo Challenge.

Coming Home

Some Storms, but Good Neighbors

Gardens and What’s in ’em

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unlikely


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Perhaps not “unlikely“, so much as unanticipated.

Last year’s fruit, but this year’s leaves.

The transition from winter to spring weather was drawn out and eagerly anticipated. The tulips were quite late (today is the first that they have opened), and the rabbits ate quite a few of them in lieu of grass, which is only now showing a lot of green.

Awakening the Senses


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breakfast: steak fries, broccoli and pan-cooked salmon

Awakening to Breakfast

waking too early
to the familiar smells…
my favorite breakfast


WP Weekly Photograph Challenge: Awakening.

I downloaded pages from the New York Times “Cooking” section on how to cook new-to-me protein that would not run afoul of my low-carb/high protein diabetic diet guidelines: how to cook beef tenderloin and the various ways of preparing salmon fillets, including buying guidelines. Frequent sales on salmon at both of the groceries where we shop.

Lizl Bennefeld

Story in Photos: A Week of March Weather


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Day Before the Storm

shadow of branches on the new-fallen snow and puppy tracks

Before the Storm

Lightning, Thunder and Rain

raindrops spattered on the front-door window

Rain and Thunder

Stormy Day

After the Snow

Recuperation Time

After the Storm

Visual Storytelling: WP Daily Post Photography Prompt.

Blue Wild Flax: Flowers and Variations


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Blue Wild Flax Flowers in the Garden

Blue Wild Flax  Photo Art

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme.

On Thursday, I presented a post featuring Hoarfrost on my Stray Coffee Breaks blog.

Weathered | Weekly Photo Challenge 2018-01-10


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An Old Outbuilding – Copyright © 2005-05-19, by Lizl Bennefeld.

An old outbuilding just off the main street in the town where our family lived. I expect it housed a wagon, or a cart, and a horse or two, when it was first built.

In response to WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Weathered.