About the Writer

Retired after a second career, freelance style editor and writer (1984 to 2013, with an additional year to close things down), I am spending more time reading than writing, more time in home and hobby activities than online. I still am not settled in my mind as to what I want to do next, other than personal writing and photographic art. So, I am not sure what is going to show up next, but I am going to fool around with this a bit.

With a B.A. in philosophy and English, I started out my career in I.T. as a computer programmer, switching after a year into computer operations, and spending the last four or five years as a remote payroll coordinator. I left in the midst of a corporate reorganization to start my own business.

I do have MCS/fragrance sensitivities, respiratory/food/topical allergies, gluten sensitivity, and T2 diabetes. Hence the need to concentrate on being proactive about respiration, diet and exercise.


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